Communications and Complaints

Rationale:                  The Board of Trustees recognises the importance of a clear communication and complaints
                                    process. Successful education is more likely to be achieved for students when the College
                                    and community work together.

Policy:                         The Board of Trustees requires the College to have a procedure that is readily accessible by
                                    students, parents, caregivers and the community. All complaints will be investigated in a clear,
                                    appropriate and professional manner.

Responsibility:           The Board of Trustees and Principal
Review term:             Policy: 3 years     Procedure 1 year
Date reviewed:         14 April 2014
Next review due:      April 2017


  • The school will endeavour to respond to each matter at the appropriate step within one full school day of the complaint being received. Complaints will be appropriately investigated, a decision made as to any action necessary, and the result of the investigation and subsequent action communicated to the parties involved.
  • Initial contact should be made by contacting the College office, either to make an appointment or to speak with the appropriate staff member. The office can inform the parent who is the right person to speak to.
  • If the parent or caregiver wishes to speak about the student’s wellbeing, attendance or progress, contact should be made with that student’s Dean.
  • If the parent or caregiver wishes to speak about curriculum, assessment or a teaching related issue, they should contact the Head of Department.
  • If the parent considers the matter to be very serious or urgent they may contact the Deputy Principal directly.
  • If the Dean or HOD regards the matter as serious they may refer the matter on to the Deputy Principal responsible for pastoral care or for the curriculum area.
  • If the parent is unhappy about the out come after discussion with the Dean or HOD, contact should be made with the Deputy Principal responsible for pastoral care or for the curriculum area.
  • If contact with the Deputy Principal has not resolved the matter to the satisfaction of the parties concerned, then the matter may be raised with the Principal. Contact with the Principal should be through the Principal’s secretary.
  • If a parent is unable to find an acceptable resolution at the level of the Principal they may raise the issue by writing to the Chairperson of the Board. The matter will be discussed at the next Board meeting following receipt of the letter.
  • A paper copy of the procedure is available on request from the school office.