International Rugby Programme

Rugby is New Zealand’s favourite sport and one of the most important sports at Rangitoto College. We have excellent sports facilities, including five playing fields, three indoor gyms, a floodlit training surface for evening training, and a fitness centre for our top athletes.

Our Rugby Programme for International Students combines academic school study with specialist rugby coaching, providing students with the opportunity to reach their full potential both academically and physically. The Rangitoto College Rugby Department has put together a special programme that aims to develop young rugby players who have the skills, capability and confidence to perform at the highest level internationally. This programme links in with our Athlete Performance Academy (APA).


International Rugby Boys at special training session with DJ Forbes (left) and chatting with Graham Henry (right)

Rangitoto staff and students are passionate about rugby and we have a large number of rugby teams which can accommodate players of different abilities, including 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV, 4A (under 17, under 70kg), 5A (under 15, open), 6A (under 60 kg), 7A (under 52 kg), Girls 10s, Girls 7s, Senior Boys 7s, Under 15 Boys 7s. Try outs for rugby teams are in Term 1 and inter-school competitions are in Term 2 and 3. 

Programme Flier (English)

Programa de Rugby (Spanish)

 ラグビープログラム (Japanese)




Rangitoto College 1st XV 

Highlights from the televised game on Sky Sports against Takapuna Grammar. 


Programme Details

Students can join the Rugby Programme during Term 1 (pre-season), 2 (rugby season) and 3 (rugby season). 

  • Initial testing, assessment and goal setting
  • Classroom work (SMART goals / avoiding injury / performance nutrition)
  • Professional coaching sessions
    • Skills coaching session
    • Special Rugby Programme training in the gym (during school hours 1-3.15pm one afternoon a week)
    • Fitness, strength and flexibility training with our Athlete Performance Academy (APA)
  • Weekly feedback from coach
  • Use of our fitness centre and training by qualified personal trainers (rugby specific exercises)
  • Chance to attend a professional rugby match (March - June)
  • Rangitoto rugby kit (polo shirt, sweatshirt, rugby shorts, rugby socks, rugby ball, APA uniform)


Pre-Season Programme Extras

Term 1 (February – April)

  • Chance to participate in Auckland rugby 10s tournament (run by the Blues Franchise)
  • Chance to play conditioning games to improve skills (modified touch rugby and modified 7s) 


 Rugby Season Programme Extras

Term 2 (May – July) and Term 3 (July – September)

  • Chance to join a Rangitoto College rugby team and compete for the school on Saturdays
  • Team training (twice a week if in a team)
  • Video analysis (1st XV team is videoed weekly and the Athlete Performance Academy training sessions videoed two or three times during the season)
  • Attendance at a professional training session (Term 3)



We can accept both male and female students (14-18 years old) who have never played before or who are experienced rugby players. Sometimes short-term groups can be accepted.

Students must fill our Rugby Programme Sign-Up Form to give our Director an idea of experience (this can be downloaded from the Rugby Programme webpage). Video footage of students playing can also be sent.

Rugby Programme Fees        $500 per term


The Rugby Programme is additional to our school programme. To join the rugby programme, students must enrol at Rangitoto College as an international student. More information about applying to study at Rangitoto College can be found here. 

Students in our Rugby Programme do not pay regular rugby fees (usually $50-$220 per season) to join a rugby team. More information about fees, homestay and subjects can be found on the website.


Rugby Programme Sign Up Form

Please fill out this form and send it with your international student application form. If you have video footage of yourself playing, please also send that. 

If you have any questions about our Programme, just email and ask. 


Nicolas Robert, France

I had the chance to go to New Zealand for one month, where I could study in a great school, Rangitoto. During my trip, I have got to know people from so many different places and got involved in many activities. I chose this destination for playing rugby, because in New Zealand it's the most popular sport so Rangitoto had a very good team. The team was incredible,we won lots of matches and succeded in winning the tournament against Northcote at the end. It was awesome to play with the Kiwis and it wass the best experience of my life, I will never forget it.

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