International Student Fees


International Student Fees 2017

Tuition Fee$15,250 per year /  $3,812.50 per term
Tuition Fee (if studying International Baccalaureate) $16,750 per year 
Administration Fee $1,500 per year
Insurance$450 - $560 per year
Homestay Fees (students aged 14+)$280 per week (payable in advance)
Homestay Fees (students aged 13 years old)$300 per week (payable in advance)
Homestay Placement Fee $350
Special Dietary Requirements (vegetraian, gluten free etc)From $20 per week
Designated Caregiver Administration Fee $250
Homestay Change Administration Fee  $150 
Special Full Report$150
Initial Airport PickupFree


2017 Fees for Different Time Periods

* Totals are estimates including homestay placement fee, homestay fees (students 14 years +), tuition fee, administration fees and insurance. Mid-year - Mid-year fees will change when 2018 fees are set in May 2017. 

Academic Year 2017 (January - December)$30,760
Academic Year 2017 (January - December) including IB Tuition Fee$32,260
Mid-year 2017 - Mid-year 2018 (July - July)$31,040
First Semester 2017 (January - July)$15,695
Second Semester 2017 (July - November/December)$15,135
Term 1, 2017 (January - April)$  8,035
Term 2, 2017 (May - July)$  7,746
Term 3, 2017 (July - September)$  7,445


Download Fees and Term Dates 2017 PDF (with breakdown of fees calculations for different time periods)


Extra costs not covered in Fees

  • Uniform (around $200-$300) – Years 9-12 only
  • Stationery (around $100) – Cost depends on subjects chosen
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities – Some activities are free, others have a small fee
  • School subject trips and field trips
  • Laptop (Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 must have laptop to use in class)
  • Spending money
  • Travel to, from and within New Zealand


Accommodation Fees

Homestay Fees

Homestay fees can be charged by the exact number of nights needed. If students know their arrival and departure dates when enrolling, we can invoice for the correct amount. If we are not given this information, we will invoice for one extra week (students usually arrive about three days before school starts and leave about 3 days after school finishes.) Any money remaining at the end of the student’s stay in New Zealand will be refunded. 

The College pays the homestay caregiver every two weeks and accounts for all money received and payments made from homestay money. If students are planning on travelling during the holidays then returning to their homestay, they can pay a lower rate for the days they are away. Homestay payment will be $10 per night if students are absent for more than 5 nights, as long as two weeks’ notice has been given in writing to the accommodation co-ordinator.

Designated Caregiver Fee

Students staying with relatives or friends of the family do not pay the Homestay Fees or Homestay Placement Fee. Rangitoto College is legally required to check each house to make sure it is suitable for our students and a $250 Designated Caregiver Administration Fee is charged. Students staying with parents are not charged as we do not inspect the house. 


Paying Fees Online

You can pre-pay your school fees and accommodation fees by making an international transfer directly from your local bank account to a Rangitoto College account.

An international funds transfer enables you to make your payment safely and quickly in your local currency or in a variety of major currencies including USD, EUR, GBP and JPY. You can also track the progress of your payment online.

How to pay with Pay to Study

  • Click the button below to go to the PaytoStudy webpage.
  • Register on the secure PaytoStudy domain and enter your payment details.
  • Receive the exchange rate for that day (valid for 48 hours).
  • Make your payment into the PaytoStudy bank account in your home country and in your local currency.



How to pay with Western Union

  • Click the button below and follow the steps to gain authorisation. The Rangitoto College / Western Union Business Solutions account details will appear on the authorisation form.
  • Print the authorisation form to use when processing the payment either by internet banking or at your local bank.
  • If you can pay in your local currency, transfer the funds using your internet banking system or go to your local bank to make the transfer.
  • If you are paying in a major currency (not your local currency), you can’t use internet banking. You must go to a local bank with the authorisation form and the bank will process the payment for you. 



Refund Policy

Rangitoto College has a no refund policy.

No refund will be made to a student who is excluded from the College by the Board of Trustees.

No refund will be made to an International Student who changes visa status to one which entitles them to regular/domestic student status, after one month from date of payment.

If a student withdraws from his/her course of study before the course completion date, he/she will not receive a refund of school fees except in exceptional circumstances.  In such cases, the parents should write to the Director of International Students explaining what the exceptional circumstances are; however, the College’s decision is final.

If the application for a refund is made before the start of the course, Rangitoto College may refund the fees less:

  • the administration fee
  • any costs the school has already incurred for tuition
  • any other costs already incurred