Enrolment Information

Enrolment Process

Rangitoto College will consider applications from any student aged between 13-19 years old.  To apply to study at Rangitoto College, students need to submit three things:

  • A completed enrolment form
  • A copy of the student’s passport
  • A copy of the student’s school report showing grades and comments from teachers

When these documents have been received, the Director of International Students will consider the application. Additional information may be requested and a decision is usually made within three working days. Please note that completion of the enrolment forms does not constitute acceptance into the College.

If the application is successful, a Conditional Offer of Place will be issued with an invoice for the tuition fees. When fees are fully paid, a Confirmed Offer of Place will be issued, which can be used to apply for a student visa from Immigration New Zealand.



The College will issue an Offer of Place to a selected student but the level of study offered is an indicator only. Selection and placement are conditional upon the College being able to meet the needs of the student. Quality applicants are sought whose proficiencies and career intentions are matched by the opportunities Rangitoto College offers.

Generally students are placed with their age level. However, the College has the right to place students in appropriate subjects and year levels for their abilities. Students entering the College as International Students must have the prior learning necessary and the intellectual and emotional capacity to cope with study in New Zealand in English at the level they have enrolled in.


English Level

Students with a good level of English gain higher grades and get the needed credits to gain entry to tertiary courses. As part of our Orientation process we may require students to do an ESOL test to determine their English level. If needed, they are placed in an ESOL class for more intensive English study. The College may ask a student to undertake intensive language tuition at another institution for a period of time if it is ascertained the student cannot cope at Rangitoto College at an appropriate English level.


Study Period

It is possible for international students to study at Rangitoto College for just three months, six months or one year as an overseas experience. This gives students the chance to experience a different lifestyle, try different sports and activities, and meet new friends.

Many students wish to gain the New Zealand national certificate NCEA and stay for two or three years to finish school in New Zealand before going on to tertiary study. They leave Rangitoto College as confident English speakers who have fully adjusted to the Western system, which gives them many advantages at university and in their career ahead.



Student diversity is a focus at Rangitoto College and we aim to have a wide variety of nationalities represented. This sometimes means we need to limit the numbers from each country to ensure diversity among the student population. If we have no places available for students of one nationality, we can place them on a waiting list in case a place becomes available.  If you would like to check availability before applying, please email us


Conditions of Enrolment

Upon enrolment at the College, the student will abide by the same conditions as regards behaviour and absence as apply to domestic students. Enrolment as an International Student at the College shall be terminated:

  1. At the end of the school year in which the student turns 19 years of age, in accordance with New Zealand law; or 
  2. At any time by agreement between the parties; or 
  3. By Rangitoto College if the student fails to pay fees in advance, or fails to abide by the same conditions as for domestic students, or fails to abide by the conditions of the International Student Tuition Agreement; or 
  4. If the student ceases to hold, or ceases to be eligible to hold, a valid student visa issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service.


Driving in New Zealand

International students are not allowed to drive a car while at Rangitoto College. If students are caught driving, they will be sent back to their home country immediately. Travel and medical insurance does not cover international students driving.


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