Teaching and Learning

21st Century Learning

Key competencies are the capabilities people have and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.
The New Zealand Curriculum drafts frameworks and guidelines that outline what our students need to know to meet the challenges of the modern age. It specifies achievement objectives for each of the eight identified learning areas and emphasizes the importance of weaving the key competencies into the core subject matter.

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Effective Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the function or work of a teacher.  It is the art or science of teaching leading to actions that promote student learning.

While there is no formula that will guarantee learning for every student in every context, there is extensive, well-documented evidence about the kinds of teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning.

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e-Learning and Pedagogy

e-Learning is learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).  Best practice e-Learning enables accessible, relevant and high-quality learning opportunities that improve student engagement and achievement.

e-Learning can cover a spectrum of activities from supporting learning to blended learning (the combination of traditional and e-learning practices) to learning that is delivered entirely online.

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Knowing what we are Doing

The College recognises the importance of the need for timely and effective professional development to up skill staff to take advantage of 21st century e-Learning tools in the classroom.

We are putting extra resources into staffing to ensure that we have specialist teachers who have the time to lead both our direction and the training.

We are using the following rubric to determine staff needs and to guide our progression toward complete integration throughout the school.


Our Approach

We are using a range of cloud-based tools and digital objects to support 21st century learning in the classroom.  These tools enhance collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation and critical thinking and problem solving.  They also provide opportunity for presentation and reflection and feedback.

Central to our approach is our Learning Management System (RangiNet) and the implementation of Google Apps for Education across the school.

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